Testing Data and Submission Instructions

  1. Download the test data in the OIFITS format from here. Although we provided visibility information in the training data, we have omitted these values in the testing data so that we are able to evaluate the performance of an algorithm solely from using the bispectrum and visibility squared measurements.

  2. Use your algorithm to generate an image for each of the data files. For each < filename >.oifits file, generate a FITS image of size 64x64 with the name < filename >.fits. Further instructions can be found in the README file.

  3. Submit your reconstructed images. Compress all of your reconstructed FITS images into a ZIP file. Submit this ZIP file with the required additional information. The evaluation process may take a couple minutes. Once it is done you will be able to review your results and decide if you would like them to be posted on the scoreboard and beauty contest pages. You must have an image reconstruction of each of the OIFITS files in order to submit and post to the scoreboard.

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